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May 15, 2018

Joshua Firima – VIP tools
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Hey Buddy!

Joshua Here and I must say.

It’s indeed a thing of joy writing to you today and i hope this letter meets you well.

I understand that we are all very busy and in a fast moving world so I won’t take much of your time.
However, I advise you read up this letter with an open mind so that you can be among the lucky beneficiaries of our on-going revolution.

In this first quarter of 2018, our number 1 priority will be significantly improving the stability of our core products and offers to you and making sure

that these products render effortlessly its core values and usability into growing your business into a 7-8 figure empire both locally and internationally.

Our success story will never be complete without you in it. For this we say a BIG THANK YOU.

We love and care for you that’s why we have invested our time and money to give you these 7 premium tools as a thank you for been so wonderful

and helping us grow massively in 2017.

These Premium tools cost us over $3412 to put together but because you’re more than a customer to us (You’re part of our family), we are giving you

all of it FREE OF CHARGE. That means you just Download, Use and Profit more in your business.

This year we want you to be closer to us and us closer to you. So we’ll be giving you PREMIUM TOOLS as freebies every month. We can’t reward

you any less for the great value you add to our business.

Expect my email tomorrow as will I’ll be sending you a questionnaire so I can know the best way to help you succeed more this year in your business.

Moving forward I’ll only be sending you only SOLID offers that have been tested and proven to work by me and my team. We won’t like you to

waste your time and money.

Content Engage Plugin

Attracting more visitors with the right title!
Content is king and it is true. The thing is that, if your content is not that attractive and influecing to read, your audience will just ignore your content.
Blog title really has the power to influence your audience to attract them to read your content and if you are not using the right title, you will miss the

Get the most engagement and views to any post or article with this plugin that ranks various titles and images, then AUTOMATICALLY delivers the

top performers: conversions and free traffic on steroids!

(Groundbreaking Traffic 2 Buyers Machine): This will offer Better Discount, Vouchers, Coupon Pop-up that will help to turn every visitor into potential

customer.Convert your visitors into paying customers with instant offers. Boost your sales by 30%, Increase fans & followers on: Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, an avg. of 25% monthly, Grow your email list immediately, It’s Easy to use. Easy to love – No design or coding skills required.

Use this for getting Discount, Vouchers, Coupon Code. The easiest and most simple for boost your website conversion rate and increase your fan

base and email lists by pop up special discounts to your visitors.

Clickable Images Bot & Tracker
This is a social media marketing application to post clickable images with your link, title & description on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and

LinkedIn with built-in click tracker. It’s a traffic generator application which allows you to drive traffic to your website from 5 popular social media

networks. As you know Facebook have stopped to post link with custom image, title as well as other social media, but this comes with the solution to

post custom image with your links.
It’s a multi-user SaaS application means you can resell the Software as a Service. PayPal & Stripe are integrated so that you can receive payment

from your end users.
Features Built Into Clickable Images Bot & Tracker
? Solves the issues of use custom image with your link post for 5 social media.
? Post all your social media accounts with just one click.
? Schedule your campaign and forget about it.
? Only we can track each link clicks and display full reports.
? Multiple custom domain link controller add option.
? Your user can use their own domain as link controller for their own branding.

Auto Content Machine
We all know Content is King on the internet And This is a premium WP plugin that get’s content from almost any site to your WordPress blog,

You can use this to:
– Create a personal site which collects news, posts, etc. from your favorite sites to see them in one place
– Use it with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites
– Collect products from affiliate programs to make money
– Collect posts to create a test environment for your plugin/theme
– Collect plugins, themes, apps, images from other sites to create a collection of them
– Keep track of competitors
– You can imagine anything. The internet is full of contents
Wow! ALL these amazing bonuses for a low one time investment on canvas and remember these offer can only be claimed tonight.

IG Marketing
How to use Instagram to drive traffic. generate leads and make more sales in CPA and affiliate marketing, This is the easiest and most profitable way

to use IG marketing.

WP Advertiser
This is a Premium WordPress Ad Plugin that helps you manage, sell and display your advertising space, in a way that no other plugin can. This

awesome tool supports a templates and grid system to show really matched and user-friendly ads on your site. And it’s 100% free from Ad blocker.

Display your banners, including Google AdSense banners in more than 20 ways.

Here are some of the cool built in features:
? 100% Responsive
? Geographical targeting (countries, states / provinces, cities or zip-codes)
? Schedule your ads and control their delay
? Option to show Ads in Specific Devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)
? Filters on Categories and Tags
? Hooks to show Ads before / inner / after Content
? Options to show / close Ads after X seconds
? Capping option to show Ads only X times per User / Session
? Display your ads in more than 20 different ways (sidebar, floating, video, background, corner peel, grids, hover and others)
? Huge backend manager (easily manage your ads)
? 25+ ready to use Responsive and User-friendly Ad Templates

Woo Cart
This is also a premium tool for getting your customers backs using Abandoned Carts with Facebook Messenger – The most effective way to recover

abandoned carts:
– Generate and boost sales leads with automated Facebook Messenger chat box
– Get high open and click rates
– Customize your message and call-to-action button
– Collect users’ data to follow up
Recover abandoned carts
Many of customers click Add to cart without checking out. Start capturing those missed sales.

How to keep these customers?
This plugin helps send a personalized message to your customers Facebook Messenger inbox. Make the conversation with your customers. Bring

them back to check out page. Close the sale.

Send a personal message to your add-to-cart users
Facebook Messenger has been growing potentially over these years. Over 1 billion people use Messenger every day. Sending a message via

Facebook Messenger benefits greatly, reaching to an 80% open rate.

After a customer leaves your site, automatically sending messages will bring them back. The message reminds them of the exact products they viewed,

remind them of their loving feelings on your products. It’s like retargeting, but more naturally and more closer.

Real results mean real numbers. See how this plugin is growing your business using our dashboard. In Analytics section, you will see number of add to

cart users and number of messages sent. It also displays your add-to-cart users, including their names, locales, genders, dates, etc.