Lee Murray – List Synergy

April 24, 2017

Lee Murray – List Synergy
Sale Page: _http://imwithlee.com/list-synergy/

Price: $19.95

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This May Be the Most Impactful “Sales Page” You’ll Ever See. I’m About to GIVE YOU the Ultimate Strategy to Make $379/day Or More With List Building… No Selling Required!

List Synergy Is Your Ticket to Freedom

In essence, we’re combining the power of grass roots list building and authority blogging to create something I like to call the “syneristic growth effect.” This is simply the act of two things constantly feeding each other to the point where you’ve got a machine that will NEVER stop producing an ever-growing income stream for you.

You set it up once, feed it fresh new leads, and watch it grow in exponential fashion over time.

Your list makes your blog more impactful. Your blog gets search engine rankings and feeds your email list… which feeds your blog… which feeds your list… which feeds your blog… which feeds your list… which feeds your blog… which feeds…

The best part is that I give you 5 different options as far as lead acquistion goes. You pick the one that best suits your personality, aptitudes, and desires. I make this FUN for you, amigo!

In a Nutshell, List Synergy Includes:

15 over-the-shoulder training and demo videos.
My brand new “The Best Damn List Building System EVER!” which serves as a quick start guide to List Synergy.
My recent, award-winning book “It’s All You Need!” – I will have you making use of it in this course.
The entire “It’s All You Need” video series, for detailed demonstrations of how to set up shop!
Deeper training materials, depending on which lead acquisition model you choose. I mean, I’ve really got your back here!