Libby Crow – The Business Accelerator

August 2, 2020

Libby Crow – The Business Accelerator | 5.96 GB


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The best playbook in the industry to build, grow, and scale your coaching business to multiple 6-figures…

Watch this video first to learn the big mistakes most entrepreneurs make and what to do instead.

Inside of The Business Accelerator Course…

As soon as you enroll you will receive instant access to all training modules in the program so you can start taking inspired action in your business right away.

You’ll get your own username and password where all the course materials are held privately online.

There’s no expiration date or deadline to go through the course, as long as the course is alive in the world, you’ll have unlimited access!



Listen to how Caty doubled her revenue inside of The Business Accelerator and scaled her business to create more freedom and spaciousness to do what she loves: flow & travel the world!

Listen to how Blair’s income increased 60% within one month inside of The BA having her best month of business ever and created a business model that provided her the freedom and the income that she desired to start a family and create more flow.

Ginny shifted her mindset around money in order to confidently raise her prices. She learned to refine her messaging and marketing process so she could use social media intentionally to magnetize to her ideal clients and ultimately boost her lead flow.

Nadine finally gained the knowledge and systems she was seeking (after enrolling in tons of other online programs) in order to create the tangible results she had been reaching for: Enrolling more clients in her programs, sharing her message with the world while living, all while adventuring in beautiful Bali.

What some of our clients are saying:

Christine combatted her limiting beliefs and found trust in The BA process. Through learning and practicing The BA’s methods and strategies, she has created consistent lead generation and celebrated her biggest financial months in business as a result.

Christina had her mind blown by the Marketing module inside The BA and now has an in-depth understanding (and a new found confidence) around how to market herself and her business online.

Natalie learning how to create and distribute her content strategy through The BA copy methodologies to attract to right potential clients (clients that are ready and excited to pay) vs. always attracting clients that were still too deep in their pain and unable to invest.

Alexandra Marie went from being burnt out in her business to scaling beyond what she thought was possible by laying down the right systems, strategy, and structure to support her growth while still delivering intentional impact and support to her growing client list.

Take a look inside your journey through The BA…

Messaging & Positioning

Get laser clear and refine your niche, ideal client, brand esthetic, and learn copywriting skills to position yourself as the leader in your space.


Creating Aligned Offers

Develop or refine your 1:1 and Group Program Offers, learn how to price your high ticket service and create your offer sales pages


High Ticket Sales Process

Create your pre-qualification system and master the art of sales conversions, objections, and following up


Content Marketing

Learn how to create and distribute content on social media and to your email list that builds connection and converts. Implement the 6 types of content and plan out your content map


Organic Marketing

Develop your nurture funnel by creating a lead magnet and email sequence that builds your list and converts your audience into paying clients.


Client Delivery & Retention

Be a legacy in your industry by creating systems so your clients have gold star experiences in your program and come back for more through continuation offers


Scaling With Team

Stay in your zone of genius and hire your first couple team members to start scaling your offer.



How to use InstaStories to Grow an Audience & Profit




Build Your Community On Facebook To Build Connection & Profit



are experts in their niche and provide their clients with the highest value and transformation

have big goals and are dedicated to doing the work that it takes to build a successful online business

want to refine or create their 1:1 or group program offer(s) for higher profitability, consistent lead generation, and scalability

know how important building a brand, tribe, and having a voice on social media is and ready to use these platforms like a BOSS

want to get down to the strategic nitty gritty and become soulful marketers and treat their business like a business

Our Students Are Coaches & Consultants Who…

“Made another sale tonight. That’s 7 people in my program and I plan to have 8 or 9 by Monday (the start date). I’ve made $11,600 in revenue this week. My highest month yet and it’s only the 5th!”

– Caty Kidd, Student

Ideal Client Clarity & Creating A Brand Bio

Module 1 Exercise 1: Messaging Clarity

Psychology of Messaging & Client Copy Codes

Module 1 Exercise 2: Client Buying Phases & Defining The Gap

Mindful Messaging for Client Magnetism

Branding Visuals & Brand Legacy

Module 1 Exercise 3: Your Brand Values, Mission, & Vision


1:1 Signature Programs Strategy

Module 2 Exercise 1: Develop Your 1:1 Signature Program

Signature Group Programs Strategy

Module 2 Exercise 2: Develop Your Group Signature Program

Golden Ticket Sales Formula & Profitable Sales Page

Module 2 Exercise 3: Develop Your Program Sales Pages

How To Price Your Programs & Money Mindset


Client Pre-Qualification & Application Process

Module 3 Exercise 1: Craft Your Pre-Qualification Sales Process

Enrollment & Sales Conversations

Module 3 Exercise 2: High Ticket Sales Framework

Handling Enrollment Objections

Module 3 Exercise 3: The Psychology Of Objections

Sales Call Follow Up Process


Organic Content Creation & Cross Platform Delivery

Module 4 Exercise 1: Content Types & Platforms

Branding Content With Voice & Visuals

Selling Through Giving Value

Module 4 Exercise 2: Creating Content That Converts

Planning & Batching Content

Content Calendar Planner

Module 4 Exercise 3: Content Calendar Map


Lead Generation Strategy Overview

Module 5 Exercise 1: Craft Your Lead Magnet

Email Marketing & Funnel Building

Module 5 Exercise 2: Craft Your Nurture Email Sequence

Copywriting, Technology, & Email Etiquette

Module 5 Exercise 3: Strategy To Implement Funnel


Client Experience & Program Delivery

Module 6 Exercise 1: Onboarding Process For New Clients

Client Agreements, Expectations & Tracking Progress

Module 6 Exercise 2: Develop Client Results System

Client Testimonials & Retention

Module 6 Exercise 3: Types Of Client Continuation


Understanding Your Zone of Genius

Module 7 Exercise 1: Micro Task List & Delegation Plan

How To Hire The Right Team Member

Module 7 Exercise 2: Hiring Process & Legal Contracts

Communication With Your Team

Module 7 Exercise 3: Team Meeting Structure & Productivity Optimization