Local Marketing Revolt The Real Business In A Box Master Class

June 2, 2017

Local Marketing Revolt The Real Business In A Box Master Class
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Price: $27

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Local Marketing Revolt Review – What is it ?

Local Marketing Revolt (LMR) is one of the biggest master classes that Guillermo Mata have ever crafted for local marketers and even beginners looking to tap into the field.

Local Marketing Revolt isn’t based of theory or some made up business in a box. It’s based of real experience. Showing your customers how he managed to automate his entire local marketing business and be seen as the local authority building up a 6-figure corporation.

The Local Marketing Revolt is your basic newly registered local business finder. It doesn’t parse any information instead gives your buyers the opportunity to search information made public on google by all 50 states. When a business is registered that info is made public by some states. So the software leverages the “Browser” to pull in that information. Theres a search system and process involved in which we’ll be showing to your buyers. Newly registered business means long term business for your buyer!

20 High End Training Videos (20-30 Minutes Long)…

Video: Intensive local niche selection and domination system
Video: Step by step local niche website set-up
Video: How to get instant calls for any niche in seconds
Video: How to properly charge and deliver services quick!
Video: Closing in on your local niche first deal quick 100% hands free!
Video: Secrets to upselling local niche prospects
Video: Small business village go to build up
Video: Intensive local niche motivational course!
Video: Making local prospects come to you for everything!
Video: Plus “recorded” closing videos and 1 on 1 group training session!
Video: Getting started local consulting business of the ground!
Video: Local consulting niche run through
Video: Automating entire local website & funnels fast
Video: Generating local consulting leads
Video: The closing and sales process
Video: Services to offer and delegate
Video: Outsourcing for under $2 PLUS building up a team!
Video: Sealing all gaps!
Video: First of the month live group session (recordings as well)
Video: Hidden bonus video!

Local Marketing Revolt Complete Business – A – Box Arsenal…

Already Done! WordPress Theme/ With Full Reseller Rebrand Rights
High End Local Consulting And PLR Graphics
Temporary Portfolio Images With Full Usage Rights (Part Of Training)
3 High End Local Promotional Videos With Full PLR Rights!

Corporate Level Pack…

(LMR) Mastermind Group – Your buyers will receive consistent support, help and sources here!
Corporate Level Support (24/7 Daily Help + Private Support Line)
(Corporate Level) – Help Closing 1 Deal By Phone or Email
(LIVE!) – Local Marketing Group Training + LIVE Q & A
Additional “Local Marketing PLR” Bonuses Will Be Available To All Upgrade Purchasers!