Marketing With Destiny(2018)

August 19, 2018

Marketing With Destiny(2018)


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This Ground-Breaking New Strategy Combines FREE TRAFFIC With the Untapped Potential of Affiliate Chatbots to Create $417 Profit in 24hrs….
Create High-Selling Affiliate Robots That Sell FOR You – Without Learning Code or Expensive Software!
Most People FAIL
To Make Money With Chatbots
And the reason is crystal clear…
It takes A LOT of practice, patience, knowledge, and money to learn to develop your own chatbots to do your selling for you!
When getting started you really only have two options:
Option #1
Invest $1,000’s into a Trusted Developer To Create Your Chatbot For You – Even Though They Have No Idea About Copywriting or Marketing…
These Chatbots Work Great… But, They Don’t Really Do What You Need or Want Them to Do…
Option #2
You Can Learn a Complicated Tool or Even MORE Complicated Coding…
…But Unless You Know What You’re Doing This Can Be a DISASTER!
In Addition to The Skills You Need, Those Apps Can Be EXTREMELY Complicated to Learn!
I think you’d agree that neither option is all that good, right? Well – it’s the reason that most Chatbots never take off.
And It Get’s Even Worse…
If You DO Ever Finish Your Chatbot
You’ll Probably Break At Least 1 of the 3 Secret Rules of Chatbots…
The 3 Secret Rules of Chatbots:

Rule #1: Don’t Sell Without Permission To Sell From The User (Result: BANNED)
Rule #2: Don’t Message Too Often or Not Often Enough (Result: Non-Engagement)
Rule #3: Misuse Of The Option to Pay The Chatbot Directly (Result: BANNED)

There’s a MUCH Easier Way To Get Started…
The secret is to build chatbots that engage with your traffic and lead them down a funnel which you can build yourself in just a few minutes…

When you create bots this way, the results are amazing, and you can start creating highly profitable bots TODAY – without spending a penny!
And here’s the best news of all…
I’ve created a brand new training that will show you how to put together your own chatbots completely for free that will build your email list, sell products in a white-hat way, and can be used with my 100% free traffic strategy right now…
DESTINY is a revolutionary, never-before-seen video training designed to make it easy for anyone, even someone who’s never seen a chatbot before, to profit from creating profit-hungry chatbots that engage with completely free traffic to put money in your pocket.
It Takes Just 4 Simple Steps To Start Generating Sales & Getting Recurring Leads With
Select a product or offer you want to promote, in any niche – whether it’s an affiliate offer, CPA offer, eCommerce product, etc.
Use free or low-cost software to develop your first chatbot using a simple drag n drop interface without touching a single line of developer code.
Deploy your chatbot to whatever page you want – a blog, ecommerce store, landing page or use a free drag’n’drop page builder recommended in the training.
Use our completely free traffic strategies to send clicks to your web page and let your chatbot do the rest; engaging with traffic while selling them your product of choice from Step #1
People open messages, respond, click links, and engage with chatbots up to 10x more than with email marketing or traditional communication and it’s completely affiliate friendly!
Expert marketers are lucky to get 30% of their followers to open an email when they send a message to their list of email subscribers!

Compare that to a custom-made chatbot which takes only 5mins to create and it becomes clear why everyone should be creating chatbots…
Even the most beginner of newbies can get a 75% or higher open rate when they get a chatbot to deliver their marketing message!
This means it only takes a tiny trickle of traffic to make potentially hundreds of dollars in just a day or so!