Master Your Camera Master Your Creativity Part 2

November 4, 2017

Product Name: Master Your Camera Master Your Creativity Part 2
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In Part 2 of this course I teach in more depth about how to acheive a good exposure using Manual Mode and why its important to enable you to be more creative.

If you want to start taking better, more creative photos, this is the right course for you. During this course Ill teach you to understand your camera so you can achieve more creative, satisfying results. Completing the course will take you longer than the 1.5 hours of video lessons because Ive also included comprehensive assignments for each of the 20+ lessons. Each assignment will take at least half an hour, or more, depending on how much you want to put into it.

The videos are full of footage of me working, photographs weve taken, graphic overlays and animations all demonstrating what I am teaching. Theres pages and pages of .pdf files accompanying the lessons with further information and assignments designed to help you put put it all into practice and gain experience. Theres also a number of quizzes throughout the course so you can easily asses your own progress. And if you have questions, just ask me in the ask me in the Q&A section of the course.

In this course Ill teach you to take control of your camera and creativity the way I have by using the Manual Mode on your camera. I find most people we teach in our workshops dont
know how their camera works or how they can really control it to create more interesting photographs. Theyve had their cameras set on one of the many auto modes and wonder why the results are not so pleasing.