iStack Facebook Mastery – Live Asia Replay

February 20, 2018

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Relive the Ultimate Training Event for Facebook Ad Buyers
Learn The FB Ads Tactics Behind Over $100 Million In Revenue

Facebook Mastery Live (FBML) is a world-class, advanced level Facebook training opportunity from iStack Training and Adbaker held in Bangkok on December 8th, 2017.
FBML features ten incredibly valuable talks from the worlds most successful Facebook Ad Buyers covering ecommerce, affiliate lead gen and CPS, as well as performance agency.
In these presentations and panels, our experts teach high-level, white-hat Facebook performance marketing strategies and tactics that will give students an immediate competitive edge as they grow their FB Ads powered business.
These are the best discussions happening around Facebook Ads today. Whether youre a newbie or a seasoned pro, Facebook Mastery Live will provide unique insights, exploits, and tactics you wont learn about anywhere else. The results you witness will inform and inspire you to maximize your earning potential by harnessing the greatest advertising tool ever created.
Facebook Mastery Live Asia Replay

On December 8, in Bangkok, the worlds top Facebook media buyers and entrepreneurs took the stage to give away the exact tactics and strategies that have propelled their businesses into 8 figures and beyond.

Own access to 10 insanely valuable training sessions, that will reveal insights that change the way you think about strategizing, creating, optimizing and scaling Facebook Ads based business.

Facebook Mastery Live is ideal for anyone who wants to unlock Facebook Ads unbelievable power for driving commerce and profit.
10 Value Packed Sessions on the Secrets FB Ads
Over 5 hours of directly applicable FB Ads Training
3 Bonus Talks from FBML Europe and AWA
Presenter Slides
Ongoing Access to All Content

Meet Our Presenters
Multiple 7 Figure Exits and Killing it in the FB Performance Agency Game
Discover the Facebook Tactics Tim Only Shares at his Private Masterminds

Tim Burd
8 Figure Ecommerce General Stores Powered by FB Ads
Learn How the Tan Bros Scale Ecommerce Operations to Unrivalled Heights

Steve and Evan Tan
Spends $40K a Day on FB Ads for Lead Gen and Ecommerce
Learn, Line by Line, the Exact Methodology James Uses to Scale Facebook Ads Campaigns

James Van Elswyk
Runs Several High 7 Figure Ecommerce Stores, Named Shopifys Fastest Rising Entrepreneur
Discover Mos Stripped Down Approach to Making Massive Profit Quickly and Simply

Mohamed Ali Aguel
Scaled His FB Customer Acquisition Company ZERO-$68MM in 3 Years
Learn Jasons Secret Weapons and Advanced Policy Intel for Massive Growth on FB Ads

Jayson Kryski
Built a High 7 Figure Performance Marketing Agency
Discover the Tactics that brought in Porsche, Kingston Technologies, and Bodystreet as Clients

Patrick Dermak
Hit His First 6 Figure CPS Campaign 30 Days into Starting His Agency and Hasnt Looked Back
Learn Pauls Leading Edge Strategies for Ad Spying, Creative, Optimization and Lots More

Paul Jeyapal
Built a Global Ecommerce Empire with Hundreds of Employees
Discover Bruces Big Picture Strategies and Concepts That Have Allowed Him to Scale DFO Across the Globe

Bruce Cran
Built a 7 Figure Training Business in Less than a Year
Discover Erics Talent for Bringing Out The Most Valuable Panel Discussions for FB Advertisers
Eric Dyck

What Facebook Ads Skills Will I Master?
Scaling Ecommerce on FB Ads
Scaling Lead Gen on FB Ads
FB Ad Creative Strategies
FB Ad Bidding Strategies
FB Ad Measurement Techniques
Ecommerce Product Selection
Advanced FB Policy
Advanced Ad Spying
FB Product Funnels
What is Estimated CPC and Why You Should Care
Emoji Magic Sorcery
+ Many More Amazing and 100% Exclusive Knowledge Bombs