Membership Coach by Micah Mitchell

June 9, 2018

Membership Coach by Micah Mitchell
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Your Online Membership Site Resource & Safe-Haven
That’s Got Your Back Every Step Of The Way
Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Join.

The Membership.Coach Program
10 Membership Mastery Modules
Membership.Coach is all about embracing that 80/20 rule.
It leverages my years of experience of advising and working with thousands of membership site owners, including wildly successful 5-, 6- and 7-figure business owners.
And it focuses on that magic 20% based on what stage your membership site is in.
Think of the Membership.Coach Training as your foundation. Every empire needs a solid foundation and your membership site business is no different. Without it, your empire is likely to crumble very quickly.
So in the Membership.Coach Training Program we’ll be covering key areas, especially focusing on areas where membership site owners tend to struggle with and get stuck on.
Here’s what you’ll get with the Membership.Coach Training Program.

Getting Started & The Big Overview
In this quick ‘primer’ module you’ll get a bird’s eye view of what’s to come in the Membership.Coach Training Program. It’s vital to begin with a birds eye view of the journey you’ll be taking and where you’re at right now.
Just like human beings, a successful membership site goes through different stages as it flourishes. In fact, a successful membership site will go through four key stages. It’s vital that you know what these key stages are.

Leveraging the 80/20 Rule for Your Membership Site
In this module, we’ll help show you the key ingredients needed to make your membership site work. You’ll find out how to validate your initial idea for your membership site.
Most importantly, we’ll identify the stage that your membership site is currently in, and what specific steps you should take next to make the biggest amount of impact on your membership site business, in the shortest amount of time.
This will help you leverage the 80/20 rule and make sure you get started on the right foot. Without wasting time on things that are going to end up having little to no impact on your bottom line.

Creating Your Membership Site – Part 1: The Technical Side
This is where many membership site owners stumble, especially ‘solopreneurs’ with limited budgets.
The good news is that technical hangups are easy to overcome in this day and age. The key is which technology to use and how.

Creating Your Membership Site – Part 2: Content & Organization
Throwing every piece of content you have at your members, does not make for a relaxing, amazing experience for them. Trust me.
So in this module we’ll break it down and really hone in on the world you want to create inside your membership site and the journey you want to take them on. That journey needs to take them to their desired result.
So in this module, we roll up our sleeves.

Free Traffic Strategies & Lead Generation
Let’s face it, without new blood flowing into your membership site your income will eventually dry up. So getting new traffic and leads on a consistent basis is vital to your business.

You have so many options at your finger tips when it comes to increasing your sales.
In this module, you’ll explore two different types of promotional offers – trial offers and lifetime offers.
You’ll also explore the three major types of sales pages – text format, video sales letter, and a hybrid of the two.
And then there’s how you’ll go about selling your membership site.
Will it be available all year round? Will you close its doors and launch it only periodically?
Will you offer heavy discounts now and then?
This is what we’ll also cover in this module, from the everyday sales model, to special types of promotions like product launches and flash sales.

If you want happy, raving members who will stay with you and shout your brand from the highest rooftops, then you need to make sure they’re engaged.

Retention lies at the heart of a thriving membership site.
It’s the difference between a struggling membership site owner and one that knows that their income is consistent and increasing, month in, month out.

Higher End Programs
So you’ve managed to turn a new lead into a member. Better still, they’re a happy member, they’re engaged, and they getting immense value from your membership site.