Michelle MacPhearson/Crowd Mountain Update

November 10, 2016

Michelle MacPhearson/Crowd Mountain Update
Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/315811-michelle-macphearson-crowd-mountain-update.html

Price: $99

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There’s basically 4 Components making up the Crowd Mountain System, namely:

1. Crowd Mountain Bootcamp (total of 6 modules that’s delivered each week). Inside you will be learning how to build up your virtual real estate empire from the beginning to the end like how Michelle MacPhearson has did up for her own. And each module you will be learning stuff like:

Market Research and Keyword Research
Build, tweak and customize a website so that it becomes a search engine magnet targeted precisely for the keyword you determined was the most profitable
Produce (not writing) Content with two custom-tweaked and private plugins that Michelle MacPhearson has created to help you find and publish content.
Monetize your site with adsense, CPA networks, affiliate promotions, paid reviews and anything that you can think of that helps with monetizing!
Find those top ranked sites that Google loves and build your link-love around them. It’s time to get your site noticed in the Search Engine!
Leverage on Social Networks to build traffic and credibility.

2. Crowd Mountain Current. Advanced marketing techniques, cutting edge tactics and up-to-the-minute test results for you to implement on your own sites and all these are built upon your Bootcamp Modules. Tools like datafeeds to help you build niche stores on the fly or even Content Creation at just $0.25 per article.

3. Crowd Mountain Snooper. Do note that this is never been released to the public. The Snooper is made to look inside Google’s algorithm and literally see what link building and social media sites Google likes the most. These are the sites to focus on – if they’re already in favor, to piggyback your own sites on them for quick ranking.

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4. Crowd Mountain Task Manager. As the name says it all, this is the place in your member’s area where you get to keep track all your progresses and developments. Imagine logging into Crowd Mountain with 30 minutes time on your hands. You click the “Task Manager” button and immediately, you see what you’ve done and what still needs doing. You select a quick job from the list and finish it with 10 minutes to spare. Job well done