Mixed Shares AWAI

August 27, 2018

Mixed Shares AWAI


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I’m a current Office Mix user—What does this change mean for me?

The Office Mix site and existing content stored on its servers will be retired according to the following schedule:

October 20, 2017: If you have an existing Office Mix account, you’ll still be able to view, edit, publish, download, and delete your existing content. If you have a qualifying* Office 365 work or school account, you can sign in to migrate your mixes as videos to Microsoft Stream. If you don’t have access to an Office 365 work or school account, you can download your Mixes as PowerPoint files (.pptx), and you analytics data as Excel files (.xlsx) to save to a storage location of your choosing.*Office 365 plan features vary by license. See licensing details to learn if you already have access to Microsoft Stream and what features you can use, or to upgrade your plan.
January 1, 2018: You’ll no longer be able to sign up as a new user or download the Office Mix add-in from the website. Existing users who already have the Mix add-in installed will still be able to use it to upload, edit, view, and download their existing content.
April 6, 2018: You’ll no longer be able to upload new mixes or update existing mixes by using the Office Mix add-in. Please sign in to the Office Mix site to migrate or download all your content.
May 1, 2018: The Office Mix site and all its content will be officially discontinued. The site will no longer be accessible after that date. Any links to your Office Mix content that you previously shared with others will stop working after this date. Additionally, certain add-ins like Quizzes, Apps, and Polls will no longer be available. Microsoft Forms will be coming to PowerPoint over the next few months to replace quiz interactivity.
If you still need support, please email us at [email protected]