Offline Proximity Paydays

June 20, 2018

Offline Proximity Paydays
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What’s Killing Local Retailers?

The internet. Amazon, Ebay and all the rest are doing unbelievable damage…

Their advantage is obvious; No expensive brick and mortar operations.

BUT, Local retail and professional firms DO have an advantage;
Walk By Traffic.

IF they could just exploit it…NOW they can.
Introducing the Marketing Consultant’s best friend;
Proximity Marketing

From national business reporting…

“Proximity marketing transforms the customer experience, increases brand affinity, and drive sales automatically.”

“Early adopters are seeing remarkable results and generating highly valuable advertising impressions that build on themselves.”

Total proximity device shipments will easily exceed 400 million units in 2020.

The reason? The wide range of new marketing opportunities that businesses demand.

Retailers are more and more interested in using these devices in their marketing strategies.

They want their customers to receive personalized and time-relevant messages…THAT’S what sells merchandise and services!
Will Proximity Marketing Save Local Retailing?

Its expanded use is expected to help reinvigorate brick-and-mortar retailers.

Proximity offers customizeable shopping experiences to customers that can’t be replicated online.

A recent consumer study found that over 70% of shoppers who received content and offers on their smartphone said it increased their likelihood of making a purchase during a store visit.

More than 60% of respondents said they’d do more holiday shopping at brick-and-mortar stores that delivered mobile content and offers while they shopped…

and 61% of people said they’d visit a store more often if they offered these proximity marketing campaigns.

This is no theory, guys…it’s happening already.
“You’re Not Even Paying For This…Your First Client Is!”

I get excited about this proximity strategy because I’m SOLD on it. When you get to this level it is about passion, service and being on the cutting edge.

A year from now I’m betting you’ll say it was the best
$37 investment ever…and if its any lower than that price, GRAB IT with both hands!

The first difference is ‘consent’.

With SMS text marketing – the targeted prospect typically has to consent to getting the messages…Which requires a whole other step before you can even start marketing.

With Email Marketing – the targeted audience should be on a “list” which consists of people who have “consented” to get these emails.

With Proximity Marketing (Since Google stepped in) consent is no longer required.
As long as the Android mobile user has blue tooth enabled(and most do – especially if they are using bluetooth in their car) the mobile phone user is to receiving the business owner’s messages, announcements, reminders and promos.
AND, it’s low-key/non-obtrusive since the notification shows up at the top of the phone(no calls, no email clogging, and no irritating ring)
Better Cost – unlike email marketing that can charge in proportion to the size of the list, or online advertising that charges per click or per impression, there is no limit to the exposure using these devices.

A Few of The Power-Techniques and Strategies You Get in This 56 Page Guide…