O’Reilly – Making Change Happen in the Enterprise

March 3, 2017

O’Reilly – Making Change Happen in the Enterprise
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by Cindy Alvarez
Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Release Date: February 2017
Topics: Entrepreneurship

Video Description

Enterprise companies are big and profitable for a reason: at some point, they found a formula that worked and executed on it. Problem is: what worked in the past isn’t going to keep working. This isn’t a course on figuring out what needs to change in your organization. You and your team know what needs to change. The hard part is how to make it happen! For the past 15 years, Cindy Alvarez has helped enterprise companies introduce new products, new processes, and new mindsets. Her advice: change is like an instrument-you need to practice every day. In this course, Cindy talks about the common problems that plague enterprise change and shares tactics that will help your team stop doubting and start doing.

Learn to get buy-in, reduce risk, identify and set expectations, give updates, and share success
Master the tactics skilled leaders use to drive “planned change” and “rogue change”
Understand why and how you should analyze the change efforts that failed at your company
Explore change-making concepts like mirroring, scaffolding, and working backwards
Learn about the “pre-mortem” and how it’s used to minimize the risks of change
Understand the psychology of change resistance and the value of change resisters
Learn to guide executive leaders on how to provide a “just right” amount of change support.