Ramit Sethi – Negotiate a Lower Rent

January 20, 2017

Ramit Sethi – Negotiate a Lower Rent
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How you can pocket $1,000 to $5,000
in just 2 hours by negotiating your
biggest expense… your rent.
I back my “Lower Your Rent” system with a six month, no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee. You are not going to piss off your landlord, but you will save thousands of dollars by following the steps I show you, or, I insist that you get every penny back.
How much rent do you pay?
(Put your own numbers in)
per month
Approximately how much tax do you pay?

Lower Your Rent will
help you add
$ 1,610 to your salary this year, with about 2 hours worth of work.

That’s $ 805 per hour!
I’m Ramit Sethi,
New York Times bestselling author

My financial advice has been referenced by the world’s largest media outlets because it works. But don’t just take my word for it, pay close attention to the quotes highlighted in green. They are from real people who saved thousands of dollars after using Lower Your Rent.

“I used your scripts and got my landlord to come down $200 a month on a 1-year lease renewal. It’s even more amazing because she said she was already losing money on it before the reduction.”

“You saved me $2,400! It took 20 minutes on Craig’s list and maybe an hour to write 3 emails. Realistically we plan to be here 2 years, so that would be $4,800 in savings.”
J.R., 30, Charlotte, NC

“Three months ago, with my lease renewal date approaching, I decided I would try to negotiate my rent. I spent over a month worrying about the Big Conversation with my landlord Jim… In the end, my talk with Jim was totally painless.”

“Three emails and one phone call later, I’ve saved myself thousands of dollars for the coming year… my landlord cut the rent for my apartment by a spectacular 11%.”
Susan Su, San Francisco, CA

Keep reading to discover…

… how to tell if you’re a candidate for cheaper rent
… if it’s so easy, why doesn’t everybody do it?
… how to improve your relationship with your landlord by asking for a rent decrease
… “Copy-and-paste into an email” and “read-into-a-phone” scripts you can use today
… 3 valuable bonus gifts that will make you richer and more successful


Proven negotiation strategies you can use for more than lowering your rent. Get a raise, find clients – even get a better deal on a car. I’ll show you how.

I’m all about getting Big Wins – and a negotiating a better rent is probably one of the quickest Big Wins you can get. By following the simple action plan contained in Lower Your Rent, you can stay right where you are, or snag that dream apartment and potentially slash your monthly rent costs by $200 or more.

No one teaches you negotiation in college. It’s one of those skills some of us gain from the “school of hard knocks.” (Those who don’t learn it go through life paying more for many things – like their rent – and being underpaid at work.)

I developed my rent negotiation strategy while I was Stanford dealing with my first landlord’s unreasonable rates. When my friends had similar problems, I refined the process and perfected it until it worked again and again for friends and students.

And now, with Lower Your Rent, you can gain and master these same skills in a couple of hours. Putting it in action to gain a huge payback on your time and could be the easiest money you’ve ever “earned”.
If the following describes you, then this system won’t help. Sorry.

You happen to live in a red-hot rental market where properties are very difficult to find and renters routinely bid over and above the asking price. (Then again, some of these strategies and scripts may help you fend off that next rent increase.)
You’re having trouble paying your rent on time right now or have a lousy credit score (face it, you’re NOT going to be in a great negotiating position.)

But if these other things describe you, then reading this letter could make you thousands of dollars year after year.

You want to lower your monthly rent, so you have more money to invest, put towards a down payment on a house or just to spend on the things you love.
You think you might be overpaying on rent, and are sick of throwing money out the window.
You’re paying the market rate for your rent, in which case you should probably still negotiate.
Your lease is within 6 months of expiring, and it will be ready to renew soon.
You’re renting month-to-month, but would consider signing a longer lease.
You’re considering moving to another place, but wouldn’t mind staying if the rent was lowered.
You’re looking for your first rental and are considering signing a lease for the first time.
You’re a good tenant who pays on time, has good credit, doesn’t trash the place or cause trouble, and may even add value by helping out your neighbors or landlord.
You’re a landlord yourself, and want to get the inside scoop on strategies your tenants may use to negotiate their rent.