Real Estate Investing: Strategies, Tools & Investing Mindset

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Real Estate Investing: Strategies, Tools & Investing Mindset
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What Will I Learn?

Understand how to successfully invest in real estate
Know the difference between investment & speculation

Understand good & bad markets
Understand the difference between a good & bad deal and where & how to begin
Know terms and strategies for getting deals
Starter information and advice on buying, flipping and selling properties
Negotiation strategies
How to create a positive cash flow
Identifying ‘hot markets, hot properties and more!


Students will need to have an interest in learning more about real estate investing
Students will need a Microsoft Excel program to utilize the spreadsheets for deal analysis


Welcome to our Real Estate Investing: The Strategies, Tools & Mindset course!

Did you know that Real Estate has made the most millionaires out of ANY career?! 90% of millionaires made their money through Real Estate!

In this course we will cover:

The 5 Main Real Estate Investment Strategies
Market and Property Analysis Tools
Real Estate Investing Mindset
Starter information and advice on buying, flipping and selling properties
The Real Numbers & Formulas That Generate True Cashflow Safely
Creative Alternatives to Traditional Deal Structures
And more!

Your instructor for this course is Alex Kouramanis. He has graduated with distinction in the Honours Double Major Cognitive Science & Philosophy and is a full time real estate investor. At a nominal cost and in just a few hours, Alex delivers thousands of dollars and years worth of real estate investment knowledge in this course. You will take away the tools, strategies and experience to prepare you for a career in real estate investing.

This course also has a ton of resources attached that you can download and learn from such as: deal analysis spreadsheets, clauses, offer forms, and lease contracts

Enrol now and learn how to become a sophisticated real estate investor!

Disclaimer: We provide the knowledge and strategies to get you started, but we cannot guarantee you the results that weve had. You will need to put in the time and effort in order to see results yourself. It is completely up to you to take action, apply what youve learned and get the results youre looking for.
Who is the target audience?

This is a crash course on sophisticated strategies, tools and thinking used by real estate investors.
This course is for beginners eager to gain the whole scope of investing before getting started or novice investors looking to improve their business and add new strategies to their portfolio.