Real Estate Revolution

August 19, 2018

Real Estate Revolution


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“Discover the Proven Lead Gen System that Drives RED HOT Real Estate Leads on Complete Autopilot and has Agents Paying $1,000/mo Like Clockwork…”
…plus the Unique Foot-in-the-Door Software that Makes Closing Deals Like Taking an Order!
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Once You Can Drive Real Estate Leads that Actually Convert to Sales for Agents, Building High Ticket Recurring Income is EASY…

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself, my Business Robert Dickson and our launch partner Valerie Duvall.

We’ll be the first ones to telling you driving leads and creating high ticket recurring income from Real Estate Agents (or any client for that matter) wasn’t always this easy.

In the beginning we all started just like you, with nothing more than some ambition to work for ourselves, break out of the rat race and a little bit of knowledge about online marketing.
Neil Macpherson

I started my client business from my grandmothers Kitchen table. Robert Started his from his parents basement. Valerie (insert story)

Between the three of us we have a combined 35+ years of experience in internet marketing, landing and servicing all types of clients.

We understand how “the game” works. We built our businesses from scratch and had the learn the hard way, failing over and over before really gaining some traction.

At first you’re doing anything you can to land a client, just to make some money and keep the lights on…taking anything that comes your way.

If you’re like us, you probably made (or are currently making) the same mistakes, chasing clients instead of attracting them and selling one-off services instead of recurring.

Building your digital agency like this is a recipe for burnout and eventually failure…you’ll never last if you have to “Always be Selling”.

When you chase clients down, begging them to buy it devalues you from the get go.

It’s simple psychology, the client is thinking “If you’re so good at what you do, why are you chasing me? you should have a line outside your door…”

Not only that but when you focus on just trying to make money selling services instead of delivering real value (more business) it’s almost impossible to build lasting recurring income.

After a couple years of moderate success but consistently struggling with these issues (and being sick of it) the light bulb went off for all of us around the same time and things began to “click”.
“The Key to Building Lasting Recurring Income is to Focus the RIGHT Niche and Deliver REAL Value…”

One of the best quotes I ever heard is “When you have recurring income, you never start your month at Zero”.

It means you don’t have to worry how your going to pay the bills or that you have to keep making sales to put food on the table that month.

Recurring income is the lifeblood of a digital agency, it creates freedom and flexibility that you just can’t have when your relying on new sales to stay afloat.

That’s why it’s critical to focus your efforts ONLY on clients that can and will pay you monthly recurring fees.

The best way to do that is to get damn good (it’s easier than you think) at driving new customers for your clients…that’s it.

If you can send your clients new customers that result in a positive return on investment…they will keep paying month after month…period.

Clients don’t really care about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any of that crap…they simply want to know if you can send them more business.

The easiest way to do that is focus on niches that have a HIGH Value Per Customer!

At $20 a meal it might be hard to get a restaurant a great return on their $1,000/month budget but it’s much easier when the value per customer is 5-10x your monthly fees!

If your client makes $5,000 per sale you only need to help them make one sale a month (easy) to get 5x their investment back…that’s a recipe for lasting income and plenty of referrals.

That’s why real estate agents are the perfect client…
“Real Estate Agents are the Perfect Recurring Clients with a High Value Per Customer (easy ROI) and HUGE Demand for Leads that Convert…”
Why Real Estate Agents?

Easy to Connect with and Target
Great Referral Sources (Large Networks)
Easy to Stand Out Against Other Providers
High Value Per Customer (Easy ROI)

Due to the nature of their business (always looking for exposure) Real Estate agents are extremely easy to get in front of to pitch your services.

It’s that same reason that makes them amazing referral sources, they have huge networks of business owner clients!

Not only that but most agents have been burned already by marketers promising the moon that can’t deliver making it easy to stand out when you can deliver real value.

In fact we developed the perfect Foot in the Door strategy (more on that in a second) that builds value in advance before closing the monthly deals.

More importantly though Real Estate Agents are the perfect client because of their high value per customer!

As we mentioned before it’s easy to get your clients a great ROI when they are making more from one sale than they are paying you in a month.

The Average buyer agent makes 3% Commission (buyer or listing agent) and generally keeps around 60% of that after paying brokerage fees.

Since the average home price in the US is $188,900 that makes the average agents commission roughly $3,400 per sale! Not too shabby ?

When you combine the fact with being able to drive leads for $0.39 cents a click that result in $3k commission it’s easy to see why this creates such an amazing opportunity for local marketers.

The bottom line is…
The Real Estate Industry is BOOMING & Driving Leads for Agents is a GOLDMINE Right now!
Just check out these current trends in the home buying market…

“The housing market in the U.S. has experienced a major uptick over the past two years. In 2016, existing home sales were the strongest they’ve been since 2006. More than a decade after the worst housing crisis in U.S. history, it seems we’re finally in a sustainable recovery period.

As we enter 2018, the housing market shows no signs of slowing, and is slated to remain among the world’s top performers, according to a forecast from Fitch Ratings. U.S. home prices are expected to rise 4.6 percent this year.”

– USA Today (Feb 5th, 2018)
google trends
realtor stats

As you can see the real estate market in the US has done nothing but grow in recent years and experts expect that trend to continue going forward.

The combination of increased inventory, moderate mortgage rates and increased prices creates the perfect sales storm for real estate agents.

At $3,400 per sale it doesn’t take much for your clients to make a killing off this real estate boom.

Not only that but when an agent helps a client buy AND sell a home…they can make twice as much, if not more!

The bottom line is real estate is the PERFECT niche right now IF you can deliver leads that agents can convert to those big commission checks!
In Order to Capitalize on this Highly Lucrative, Rapidly Growing Market You Have to Be able to Deliver the ONE Thing Real Estate Agents Need…
…new customers ready to buy and sell homes, that’s it!

As a marketer your job is to help your clients sell more of their products/services…period.

When it comes to real estate it’s all about helping your agents find customers that are actively looking to buy or sell a home.

They don’t care about the Fancy Facebook page, shiny website, Instagram stories or any of that jazz.

All agents are really looking for is somebody to help them drive leads.

Once we focused our efforts on doing just that, everything changed for us…

At the time our main services focused around SEO and Adwords with web design as our main lead up.

The first real estate client we landed actually signed on a $1,000/mo for those exact services but getting results was an uphill battle.

Ranking #1 for key terms or running ads for buyer keywords was expensive and cut drastically into our profit margins while the leads were OK at best.

It wasn’t long until our only real estate agent client was about to jump ship unless we figured out a better way to start sending him leads that would convert.

Once we started analyzing what was wrong we quickly realized why our services that worked so well for others, weren’t producing for our real estate clients.

You see, home buying is something that has a long lead time, most people don’t simply search and then take action to buy a house immediately.

It’s something that they first show intent for but then often can take months, even years before they make the final purchase.

Once we realized that and reassessed our strategy, it became crystal clear why were struggling to to generate quality leads for our clients!

Like so many other marketers, we were going about marketing real estate completely wrong!
“The Problem is Driving Real Estate Leads that convert with SEO & Adwords is Extremely Challenging, Expensive and the Competition is Steep…”
Why battle for scraps in the same pond as everybody else when you can have a private lake with a mountain view at a fraction of the cost?

When the leads we were driving using SEO didn’t pan out for our clients we knew there had to be a better way to drive leads.

We started looking for a method that would allow us to target people who were actively looking to buy that didn’t cost a fortune to reach.

We knew that the average home sale had a long lead time so getting in front of potential buyers early and staying in front of them would be vital.

It’s the same reason you see agents advertising on bus stops, billboards and anywhere they can get their face plastered…it’s all about exposure and timing.

If you’re agent can make a connection early on in the buying process and provide value to those leads while staying in front of them often, they are likely to be the agent the buyer uses when ready to make a purchase.

Knowing all of these factors we began testing systems that would allow us to capture leads for cheap, nurture them and provide value automatically while staying in front of them long term.

While some platforms offer a few features that do what we needed, we ultimately had to devise a system that combined the right traffic source with the right follow up method to get the right results.

After months of testing various combinations, we finally found something that started working…

The first time we tried it and began capturing leads we sent them to our client to follow up with and let us know how they worked out.

It took a few months from that point to dial things in while letting our agent fully vetted the leads but after a few months…he started asking for as many as he could get!

We knew we were on to something so we keep testing and tweaking the system to increase our profits and our clients ROI. It wasn’t long before…

We Developed and Fine Tuned a Proven System that Generates HIGH Quality Real Estate Leads on Autopilot that Agents Happily Pay $1,000’s a Month for!

Since we figured out this system we’ve had agents paying us $1,000/mo to implement it for them for YEARS because it flat out works.

What’s awesome is over time it’s only improved with the amazing targeting technology that major platforms offer these days.

Can you imagine what having the power to drive high quality leads would do for real estate agents would do for your life and business?

Don’t you think landing real estate clients for recurring monthly fees would be EASY if you had a system that could drive them leads consistently?

We know it’s completely possible because we’ve done it and since there is no way we could ever scratch the surface of the real estate agent pie…we’ve decided to make it easy for you.

For the first time ever… we’re letting you copy-and-paste this cutting edge system into your business with our brand new training course that reveals the entire step-by-step blueprint.

Real Estate Revolution is our Brand New Training Course that shows you How to Land Real Estate Agents for Monthly Marketing Using Our Unique Foot in the Door Strategy. Plus step-by-step instructions for implementing our Cutting Edge System that Generates Real Estate Leads that will have Agents happily paying you $1,000/mo and up for years to come!
Proven Lead Gen System Drives Real Estate Buyer Leads On Complete Autopilot!
Check out just a few of the things you’ll learn inside…
Why Real Estate Agents are the PERFECT CLIENT
What Agents really need and how to DELIVER it!
How to Tap into the Power of Your Agents Networks
Easy Methods for Getting In Front of Agents
Using the Secret Weapon to Close Deals
How to Generate Leads that Convert to sales for Your Agents
The Battled Tested Sales Funnel we use to Drive Leads
The Ad Strategy that gets Buyer Clicks for under 40 Cents!
The Proven Landing Page that Converts Like Clockwork
Add-on Services that Fatten the Payday
Billing & Reporting so you keep getting paid!
Turning Your RE Clients into a Referral Machine!
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