Richard Tarnas The Art Of Writing

December 11, 2016

Richard Tarnas The Art Of Writing
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“This landmark workshop, the fruit of 30 years of writing and teaching,
was given before a sold-out audience at the Pacifica Graduate Institute
in November 2007. In these lectures, Richard Tarans provides an in-depth
look at writing not just as an intellectual and artistic discipline,
but as a spiritual path. Because we live in a time of extraordinary
urgency, hen we must contemplate the future of the Earth community, it
is essential that those with relevant information speak and be heard,
received, and understood. Writing in service of such a goal involves the
development of certain skills, disciplines, and knowledge, as well as
other less tangible but perhaps even more important capacities. These
lectures illuminate the writer’s path with both practical tips and a
larger vision of the writer’s noble calling.”