Russel Brunson – The Secrets Trilogy

May 28, 2020

Russel Brunson – The Secrets Trilogy | 32.49 GB


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Need more traffic to your website or funnel?
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So, How Do You Get The Right Traffic
(AKA Your ‘Dream Customers’)
To Find You Online?
From: Russell Brunson
Boise, Idaho

Let me know if this happened to you…

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there have been times in our lives where we’ve heard and we believed the idea of:
“If You Build It, They Will Come…”

And so we decide to start our businesses…

We go to school and get our degrees…

We create courses, write our books…

Source our products, or start a service…

Whatever YOUR THING is…

Hoping that IF we create the best product or service, that people will come knocking on our door.
And then we WAIT, for our future dream customers to come to us…
But unfortunately, they never “just” come…

Is that your story right now? Is that why you’re here?

Have you created something amazing, but you don’t know HOW to get your dream customers to find you?

Or, does your story sound a little bit different?

Maybe you have a website or a funnel setup, and you’re getting some traffic (or customers) to come to you…

But the FEAR, of the next Google Slap…

Or of Facebook shutting down, or even ban your account, like so many others have experienced is keeping you up at night wondering if you’ve built your company on a solid foundation.

Have you ever thought…
“If I Can’t Get A Consistent Stream Of Traffic Or NEW People Coming Into My Business…
Do I Even Have A Real Business?”
My name is Russell Brunson, and I’m the author of this NEW book called Traffic Secrets, and I don’t think there is anyone on this planet who is as obsessed with traffic like I am.
Just 5 short years ago, I launched a new company called ClickFunnels, and as the “non-technical” co founder who had no skills in coding, I wasn’t able to help create the software, but I knew my role.

When the cart opened on launch day, I needed to have a pipeline of people begging to signup for their free trial…

And everyday after that, I needed to make sure I kept filling our funnels with our dream customers.

To do that, I had to learn how to get traffic from dozens of different sources…

I couldn’t rely on just Facebook, or just Google.

I had to learn how to do things differently… I had to be smarter.
Five Years And Thousands Of Tests Later…
That was 5 years ago…

During that time, we almost lost ClickFunnels.

We had a great product, but it was very hard to get people to know we even existed.

We tested everything…

If someone said this would get us more traffic, we tested it, on our own dime.

Most of the things we tried didn’t work…

But a few of the things, the “REAL SECRETS” that did work started to compound on each other.

Each new secret would help us to tap into a new stream of our dream customers!

What seemed impossible before (getting a consistent flow of our dream customers into our funnels), was now a reality.

Because of the traffic secrets that I have setup for my business, we now get on average of 1.79 Million Visitors to our main website ( per month!
And while that is a LOT of traffic, it’s just ONE of my many websites and funnels that I drive traffic to each day.

You can see screenshots from a few of our other traffic accounts, like this one showing traffic going to my DotCom Secrets book funnel. This one alone gets over 5,086 visitors PER DAY on average!
Expert Secrets is another one of my front end funnels that over the past 12 months has averaged 29,463 VISITORS PER WEEK!

This equals hundreds of book sales, day in and day out like clockwork. There is currently so much traffic coming into these funnels each day, that I couldn’t turn it off if I wanted to!
But it’s not just ClickFunnels and my book funnels. I also use these same Traffic Secrets to fill all of my funnels with my dream customers, including:

Lead “Squeeze” Funnels…
​My Webinar Funnels…
​High Ticket Phone Application Funnels…
​My eCommerce physical products…
​The Funnels That Sell My Services…
​And More…!

Here is another example of just ONE of my many webinar funnels that has averaged over 96,832 VISITORS per month for more then a year!
And that’s just a small handful of my website and funnels.
“What Would Happen To Your Business If You Had That Many Targeted Customers Coming To Your Funnels Each Month!?!”
As we were building these Traffic systems for our company, and documenting all of the “Secrets” we were discovering in real time, I decided to start putting them together into a book to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners that I get to work with.

I spent over a year compiling all of our research and turning it into my new book called:
Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook
For Filling Your Website and Funnels
With Your Dream Customers…
Since sharing these “Traffic Secrets” with others, I’ve gone on to help thousands of others to dramatically increase the traffic to their funnels as well.
If you are selling anything online (or trying to generate leads online) – these traffic secrets will help get more eyeballs on whatever it is you are selling!
Business owners in every market you can dream of.

Local Small Business
​Info Products
Network Marketing

​Just Getting Started!

And now I want to help you to turn on the faucet of traffic, and fill your website and funnels with your dream customers as well!
Send Me Your Address…
I’d like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new
hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP!
Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I’ll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we’ll send it anywhere in the world! If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below…
YES! RESERVE MY FREE COPY NOW! You pay only $9.95 for shipping and handling in US ($19.95 intl)
Inside Of This NEW Book… Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover For FREE!
Inside of Traffic Secrets I will be sharing with you 20 secrets to help you get more traffic into your funnels.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover inside of your free copy of this new book:
Section #1: Your Dream Customer

Secret #1: Identify exactly WHO your “Dream Customer” is, and enter into the conversation that’s ALREADY taking place in their mind, so you know exactly how to serve them!
​Secret #2: Find exactly WHERE your dream customers are HIDING online, so you can find them and pull them into your funnels…
​Secret #3: How to get your Dream Customers to STOP dead in their tracks (even if they’re crazy busy, or scrolling through a sea of your competitors) and pay attention to your story, so they will take you up on your offer…
​Secret #4: The TWO ways you can get your message in front of your Dream Customers… so that you can turn them into your OWN traffic that you can message over and over again, for FREE!
​Secret #5: The BEST kind of traffic on the planet! (And the #1 way to SAFEGUARD your business against any kind of Google slaps, FB snaps, or algorithm changes that come our way!)
​Secret #6: The invisible second funnel that almost no one knows about. Only 19% of potential sales will happen the first time your customers go through your funnel! (The other 81% of your potential sales is determined by THIS…)
​Secret #7: The key to get partners to not only promote your products for you, but also quickly to return your calls, respond to your emails, and get EXCITED to send you their traffic for FREE… you need THIS first!

Section #2: Fill Your Funnel

Secret #8: How to get TONS of FREE traffic from other people’s platforms who already have your dream customers… and lead them like a “Pied Piper” STRAIGHT into your funnel!
​Secret #9: Get OFF the crazy traffic “roller-coaster”, and get more CONSISTENCY in your marketing… while sending streams of visitors to fill your funnel! (This is hands-down the BACKBONE for the ultra-fast growth of where ClickFunnels is today!)
​Secret #10: This quick 3-5 minute daily strategy helps you TAP INTO large pockets of your dream customers on social media that aren’t following you yet, (and discover the patterns that make them follow and engage with you!)
​Secret #11: How to use the biggest social party on planet Earth to funnel your dream customers into your world…
​Secret #12: How to leverage Google to get your customers to find YOU, instead of you chasing after them! (Even if they don’t know who you are, and aren’t actually searching for you…yet!)
​Secret #13: The 6-steps I use to create incredible content that serves my audience for the REST of their lives and beyond…(and our number of views will continue to rise every day!)
​Secret #14: The key to ‘weathering the storm’ and getting in FRONT of traffic trends… this is the exact BLUEPRINT we use as we look at every new traffic opportunity!
​Secret #15: Create your own powerful “Tonight Show” that fuels ALL the social media assets you need each week… so that you can quickly repurpose it into unique content that fits each social platform!

Section #3: Growth Hacking

Secret #16: This “hub” style landing page makes PR agencies want to push traffic to it…so your audience can learn more about you, your company, your products, and how you can help them! (Get the exact outline we use for our page!)
​Secret #17: THREE strategies for tapping into other people’s distribution channels…so you can plug your products directly into brand new audience streams! (This is the REAL secret behind each Shark from “Shark Tank…”
​Secret #18: The 5-step game plan for building an ARMY of marketers who spend their own advertising dollars to promote all of your products for you…(and you only pay them when they make a sale!)
​Secret #19: The 7 Phases Of A Funnel that converts your ICE cold traffic (who aren’t aware of your product, and don’t even know you exist) into your funnel… into hot qualified buyers who sell themselves on your solution (before you even tell them the offer!)
​Secret #20: THREE tiny “growth hacking” adjustments that we modeled after famous rapid-growth tech companies…(these are the “little hinges that swing big doors” when it comes to scaling your company!)

Send Me Your Address…
I’d like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new
hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP!
Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I’ll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we’ll send it anywhere in the world! If you would prefer to listen to the audiobook, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details in below…
YES! RESERVE MY FREE COPY NOW! You pay only $9.95 for shipping and handling in US ($19.95 intl)
What Are Others Already Saying About ‘Traffic Secrets?’
“Traffic Secrets Inspired Me To Try Alternative Forms Of Traffic To Build A Stronger Foundation For My Business…” – Rachel Pedersen
“This Is The Step By Step Playbook For How Russell Grew ClickFunnels! If You Are Doing Any Type Of Marketing, You Need To Get This Book!” – Joe Marfoglio
“What’s Cool About Traffic Secrets, Is That The Principles Are Universal, They Will Help You To Build Your Social Media Platforms, and Learn The Psychology Of Sales!” – Natalie Hodson
“If You Have An Existing Business, Then Traffic Secrets Is Like Throwing Gasoline On The Fire!” – Daniel Rosen
As You Can See…
Traffic Secrets Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World…
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?