Russell Brunson – 24hr Expert & Story Selling (Expert Secrets Upsells)

September 25, 2018

Russell Brunson – 24hr Expert & Story Selling (Expert Secrets Upsells): Videos, PDFs | Size:11.2 GB


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This Expert Evolution system is only available right here, right now, and for the next few minutes you can get a huge 90% discount. Let me show you everything you will receive when you upgrade your order right now:

Year One: Garrett showed how he went from $0 to $300k per month through his first expert funnel.
Year Two: He then showed the journey he had to go on to actually BECOME the expert he needed to be to change the lives of the people he was serving..
Year Three: Garrett and his wife and kids shared his business that is now doing tens of millions of dollars a year, as well as his wife’s whose funnel has done over a million, and his 10 year old daughter who made over $1,000 in her first funnel.
FREE Bonus #1
You’re Just One Funnel Away

Most people only share and hear about the “high-light” reel. I wanted to share with you all of the stories that hit the cutting room floor.
I take you on a 10 year journey and share with you all of the failures that I had on the journey to build my own empire, and how I was literally just one funnel away from success.
FREE Bonus #2
The 24 Hour Expert

How do you create the products and services that you are going to sell? The first time you create your own information products, it can be frustrating, and often you end up wasting time creating things people don’t actually want.
The 24 hour expert will teach you how to get your customers to tell you exactly what they want, and then show you how to quickly create those products, often in less than 24 hours.
FREE Bonus #3
How To Launch Your First Funnel

After you’ve created your first product, how do you launch it into the world? The king of product launches, Jeff Walker, will show you how to plan and execute your first launch your first funnel as an expert.
This is the key to get followers, fans and customers FAST! Every company does a launch around their new products, and now you can actually launch your new career!
FREE Bonus #4
The Jump Manual Story

Jacob Hiller was an everyday person just like you and me, but he had a passion for jumping. Little did he know, that his passion and expertise in jumping would help him to create an expert business that has made over 6 MILLION dollars…
Teaching people how to jump higher.
If Jacob can become a millionaire in this market, just imagine what you can do in yours. Hear his story, how he did it, and get absolute certainty on whats possible for you!