Russell Brunson – 24hr Expert & Story Selling (Expert Secrets Upsells)

October 3, 2018

Russell Brunson – 24hr Expert & Story Selling (Expert Secrets Upsells): Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.4 GB


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What is cover inside Expert Secrets book?

Expert Secrets book has “22 secrets”. And now, I going to share with you the idea from secret #1 to secret #11
Secret #1: The Charismatic Leader Or Attractive Character

Every Business, Movement, Organisation etc, needs a leader.

Not just any leader, a leader who the followers, employees or staff can look up to, can count on and will go to any length for.

That is a charismatic Leader, and Russell Brunson tells you how to become this person, steps you should take, and questions you need to ask yourself.

He goes on to let you know that you might not be a born leader but can become one following some pretty simple yet important rules.

Expert secrets review The Charismatic Leader Or Attractive Character

The chapter also enlightens you on how to find your target audience, those who will respond best to you and also how to get the perfect message you wish to pass on.

Having the most insightful and life-changing ideas are not enough.

You need to know who, when and how to pass on your brilliant ideas.

You will find out how leaders get “true believers and fans” and you will be able to do so yourself.

This chapter covers all that and prepares you for the journey ahead.
Secret #2: The Cause

I think you will agree with me when I say we all want a better future.

We always want improvement and are always looking for a better tomorrow. The million dollar question is what does this future look like?

expert secrets review secret 2 the cause

What does this future entail?

As a charismatic leader, it is your job to paint this picture to your followers. They need to be able to picture what they want, what they are looking forward to, what they expect to achieve by following you.

That is “the cause” and that is what the second secret is all about.

expert secrets review true believe

Whatever the field you might be in, health, real estate etc, you need to be able to show your followers where they are headed and convince them it is a place worth going with you.

At the end of this chapter, you would have learned to inspire and recruit or convince people to follow your dream and also make it their dream.

Secret #3: The New Opportunity

Many times as a leader or someone who wants to bring about a better future, you tend to focus on the problem and look for ways to improve it or make a better version of it.

expert secrets book the new opportunity

Russell Brunson explains why that doesn’t work and makes you understand that you need to create a completely new opportunity. It is not just enough to try to improve on a current problem, issue or belief.

A completely new Idea that relieves them of the previous is what you should focus on and all this is explained so brilliantly in this book.

He goes on to tell you that great leaders like Steve Jobs, Hitler, Jesus Christ all followed such a path and of course the outcome is glaring enough for you to see.

The chapter also tells you what you need to offer for your Ideas to be accepted.
Secret #4: The Opportunity Switch

This chapter deals with letting you know how and when you start letting people know about your services and offering it to them for a price.

expert secrets review – opportunity switch

You don’t just go into the market without a plan or without anything to show.

He tells us about writing good quality books, books that sell, books that will push your ideas and will get into the minds of your target audience.
Teaches about copywriting skills which you would normally have to pay for to learn.
Explains it here and doesn’t just touch the surface but dives into it and explains the steps leaving you having more skills after reading the chapter.

Also in the chapter, he explains how to get noticed for your expertise and how to draw attention to yourself and make people want to find out more
Secret #5: The Big Domino

When preparing your speech, sales pitch or presentation, you have loads of points you want to pass across to drive home your point.

It is quite reasonable and understandable and you must think the more reasons I can give them the more eager they will be and the easier they will join your cause right?

After reading this chapter, you will get to understand that you actually should focus on one major punch to drive the point home.

If you can do this right, this one big point you pass across and focus on will drive all the other ones also and have more impact.

So you need to find this special point that will remove all doubts from the minds of your potential customers.

Russell Brunson helps you identify this one big domino that acts like a superpower to prove your point and extinguishes all forms or appearances of disbelief or doubts in their minds.
Secret #6: The Epiphany Bridge

A lot of things are not as plain as they seem.

Many great leaders realized this and by tapping into their experience and reservoir of knowledge we can learn a thing or two.

Most ideas are passed on to others by connecting with them emotionally.

By reaching and getting in touch with their feelings and making them see that this initiative of yours is not just logical but also shows your human side.

This approach has been seen with great leaders and Russell teaches you how to use short stories to accomplish this.

He guides you on how to use stories to connect with your target audience and future customers, therefore making selling to them and convincing them relatively easy.

Secret #7: The Hero’s 2 Journey

In this chapter, Russell Brunson adds to the previous secret about connecting emotionally through powerful stories that sell.

He teaches how to add your product and services to your story to really drive home the point and make them commit to your cause
Secret #8: The Epiphany Bridge Script

The stories you will be telling will tackle basic common struggles your prospective customers are facing.

But there are also internal struggles that each person is facing.

In this chapter, you will see how to direct your stories to personal individual issues and therefore be creating a form of trust and understanding between you and your customers.
Secret #9: False Belief Patterns

Due to past experiences, many people will come with different types of mindsets. Some will come with what is known as false beliefs.

This can cause a lot of barrier and obstruction and can make the point you are trying to pass on fall on deaf ears.

With the stories you’ve learned how to tell, you will have to break these false beliefs.

This is yet another program that you ought to be paying much for because such techniques used to break false beliefs are taught at Neuro-Linguistic Programs.

Russell Brunson teaches you here in his book and you could use it even outside this area of your life as well.
Secret #10: The 3 secrets

False beliefs can be of different forms.

Here you will discover different kinds of false beliefs.

Your story-telling technique learned will be of good value and importance in ridding them of their false beliefs.

You also then see how to turn it on its head and use them for your gain and create an even stronger bond between yourself and your customers.
From Secret #11 Onwards…

After all the skills gathered from secrets 1 through 10, the following secrets give you direct insight and guides on how to finally make the perfect sales pitch.

You are now directly asking for the sales and ready to make the money you have always wanted to.

He gives you detailed experiences on his own trials and helps you not to make the mistakes he made.

Specific useful and effective actions are also taught to you and He explains them clearly.

By this time you should be fully confident in your product or service and you will start seeing results.