Ryan Deiss The Machine 2.0

November 4, 2017

Product Name: Ryan Deiss The Machine 2.0
Sale Page: _http://funnelblueprint.com/getstarted/?affiliate=39894

Price: $1997

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21-Day Quick Start Funnel template and training so you can deploy your first customer acquisition funnel (perfect for building your first list if you dont have one yet)¦
In-depth, 6-module watch over my shoulder core strategy trainings where I break down how and when to use each type of funnel so that you are deploying the right funnels based on your goals (i.e., acquisition, activation or monetization¦ Dont worry, we have multiple funnel templates for each goal)¦
14 pre-built funnel templates based on our highest converting funnels from all of our different companies and holdings.
All of our checklists, page templates, flow charts and swipe files so you know exactly how to implement each funnel in the template library.
PLUS¦ Get Certified as a Funnel Optimization Expert by Digital Marketer! ($500 Value)
¦and much, MUCH more.