Sales Skills Success Vol. 1: Sales Training For Beginners

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Sales Skills Success Vol. 1: Sales Training For Beginners
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Selling Techniques and Sales Strategy that Every Salesperson Ought to Know Sales Training For the Modern World

In this course you will learn how to sell more with less effort. Period.

Youll discover a proven step by step system that elite salespeople use for identifying, engaging and closing high probability prospects so that you can make more money, waste less time with the wrong people and enjoy selling more.

Master real selling skills quickly, without being a “salesy”, with this unique sales training program for beginners…even if youre shy or introverted…

What will I be able to DO after I enroll?

CREATE optimal mindset for sales success so that you stop unconsciously making mistakes and more naturally do things that lead to more sales

UNCOVER what your prospects actually WANT to buy so that selling becomes easier and more enjoyable

DISCOVER your deal and most profitable next clients so that you waste less time pitching the wrong people

SELL the way your prospects naturally buy so that you encounter less resistance and close more sales

ESTABLISH a Rock Solid Sales Process so you can consistently make sales and always know what to do next

DETERMINE which metrics to pay attention to so you know how to create maximum improvement with the least amount of effort

UNDERSTAND your prospects true mind so that you can deliver a razor sharp sales message and avoid turning your prospect off

USE peak performance secrets so that you can exponentially grow your sales skills and income

Learn the secret the top %1 of salespeople know about selling…

I created this course because after 13 years of professional selling, many patterns became clear that werent so obvious starting out.

After the first couple years of my sales career I got sick of the grind…the unreturned phone calls, feeling burnout…worrying about if a large sale would close or not…and I completely changed my approach.

I learned how to maintain a really high closing percentage…work less, earn more and enjoy the process a lot more.

My entire mindset changed.

Unfortunately, many of the sales training books and programs available are written based on how the world was in the 70s and 80s..when prospects attention spans were longer and their buying defenses were lower…thats all changed now and a fresh approach is necessary.

What makes this course different is that I teach what actually works for todays prospects. What works now.

…and Ive actually used what I teach to always be at the very top or in the top %1 for every company I worked for. This includes Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the fastest growing companies on the planet.