Sarah Lorenzen Roadmap To Dropshipping Sales

March 16, 2018

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Its time to take the mystery out of Dropshipping and give you our step-by-step proven framework for choosing winning niches and creating online stores that turn your

browsers into eager buyers!

If youre ready to build your lifestyle business and create your online store in the most efficient and effective way, get more bang for your buck with paid advertising and

get more visitors to consistently make purchases, keep reading about whats inside our course.

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1 Choose Your Winning Niche

With the right Niche, youre already halfway to profitable! Learn insider secrets on how to choose profitable niches every time. Dont waste your time on Bad Niches!

MODULE 2 Build Your Dropship Website

Create a Functional and Visually appealing store. Design matters when it comes to creating trust and authority, learn how to create the kind of website that turns visitors

into buyers!

MODULE 3-How & Where to Get Products to Sell

Get approved with the right kinds of Suppliers. We show you where to find them and how to get approved. Copy our proven email and phone scripts so you know

exactly what to say.

MODULE 4 Optimize For Sales

Supercharge your website Conversion rates! We show you how to convert EVEN MORE visitors into buyers while increasing your profit per sale at the same time,

without spending more money.

MODULE 5 Get Customers & Go Live!

Get the BEST traffic & turn them into paying Customers. Generate laser-targeted traffic by leveraging and optimizing the best eCommerce traffic source. We show you

how to get Buyers, not window-shoppers!

Plus, Youll Also Get These Bonuses!

BONUS #1 Business Formation & Operations Guide

Setup, Launch & Grow Your Business! This guide walks you through how to correctly set up your legal business structure, how to maintain and run a successful

dropshipping business, how to scale and increase profits.

BONUS #2 International Members Guide

For those living outside the US and still wanting to use the most profitable dropshipping method there is! This guide shows how you too, can setup a successful

dropshipping business from your own country.

BONUS #3 Winning Niches List

Niche Cheat Sheet Best & Worst Niches 2017. Never run out of profitable product ideas again! AND dodge the losing niches every time. This list is constantly

updated to stay current with what is and isnt working NOW, so you can stay ahead of the game.

BONUS #4 -23 Day Launch Plan

Zero to Sales Hero in 23 days! Want a direct path to sales in as little time as possible? This plan shows you what to do every day to have your business up and running

in 23 days or less!

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