Selena Soo – Influence Elite

November 10, 2016

Selena Soo – Influence Elite
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Dear Hard-Working Entrepreneur Who is Ready to Make It Big…

May I be honest with you?

Because there’s something I think you need to hear…

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.

And not everyone who takes the leap to start a business actually “makes it.”

In fact, only a very select group will ever make it to the top.

A lot of would-be entrepreneurs eventually go back to day jobs. And others keep plugging away for years, losing tremendous amounts of money or barely breaking even.

But the ones who DO make it? They get to live their dreams…
and they get paid great money for work they love.

Because here’s the thing –

When YOU decided to become an entrepreneur, you had a dream of your own.

Maybe you wanted…

– To leave behind the 9-5 corporate lifestyle. (Having no control over your schedule, dealing with annoying office politics, and feeling a constant pressure to prove yourself.)
– To pursue your passions, seek out your purpose, and fulfill your potential… all while making an impact on the world. (You want to feel alive and challenged – and you want your life to have meaning.)
– To have location independence & financial freedom. (You’d rather be working from a beach in Thailand than chained to a desk in a dreary office. And, as an entrepreneur, you have unlimited earning potential.)

Maybe it was just one or two of those… Or maybe it was all of the above.

Whatever your dream is – you’ve learned that entrepreneurship can be a ticket to freedom.

After all, you see what life can look like when you succeed as a business owner.

You see people leading powerful masterminds, becoming known for their messages, and getting 6-figure book deals. And still – they have plenty of time for friends & family, personal growth, and travel.