Social Recruiting for Recruiters

March 16, 2018

Name Product: Social Recruiting for Recruiters
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Recruiting talented candidates via social channels has become an important part of a recruiters job. But how does one best tackle this channel? In this course, instructor

Bert Verdonck shares strategies that can help recruiters efficiently and successfully recruit top talent on social platforms. Bert explains how social recruiting fits into the

overall recruiting process, which social platforms to focus on, and how to jump-start your social media recruiting presence. He also shares how to find and approach

ideal candidates, collaborate with hiring managers, and drive referral recruitment.

Topics include:

Why the social recruiting mindset is important
Benefits of social recruiting
Involving stakeholders in your social journey
Posting jobs and relevant content
Contacting job seekers the right way
Promoting your employer brand
Leaving a lasting impression
Driving referral recruitment

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