Sold Out Courses – Dan Henry

July 15, 2019

Sold Out Courses – Dan Henry Course | 23.08 GB


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Dan Henry Course

“How Just One Evergreen Webinar Built Our 7 Figure Online Course Business”


​The new model of selling online courses that doesn’t require Launches, Joint Ventures, or building a huge email list.
How to make your competition irrelevant and never worry about making sales, even if you don’t consider yourself a “guru”.

The exact paid traffic strategy we used to sell over 5,000 copies, plus I’ll even show you my current ads that are working.

Dan Henry course Funnels & Ads for Entrepreneurs, formerly referred to as Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs Course (FAFE), is really a 40 video training course on instructing you on using Facebook ads to obtain leads for small companies and purchasers training to educate you the way to shut clients over the telephone.

I operate a internet marketing agency myself, which does $50K monthly, which is really 80-90% profits since i generate my leads with no cost traffic.

So many people are flocking to doing compensated traffic for marketing just because a.) its simpler to begin seeing results, you simply place your charge card in, pay Facebook some cash and you’ll start traffic generation B.) Its a great deal simpler to educate

Many people that do not know what’s up think Search engine optimization & no cost traffic generation is dead.

Well I’m here to let you know that 95% of my internet business operates on no cost traffic and that i still rank new sites to the first page each week.

Why shall we be held this type of stickler free of charge traffic?

Since I attempted compensated traffic many occasions across many niches, for my current clients that’s already buying leads from my lead gen sites… it mostly wound up costing more income than it had been worth.

I am not here to state that Facebook ads is completely terrible either.

There’s certainly certain niches that it may work nicely in if you possess the right service or product.

Personally, the niche which i found created probably the most consistent positive Return on investment is selling web based classes especially business chance courses.

My lady & I def run Facebook ads for the no cost traffic lead gen coaching program, recently we spent $100K. I know Dan Henry is spending quite a bit on Facebook ads too to advertise his course.

Courses convert mainly because there’s lots of passion for this subject of quitting your work and working at home, and it is a greater ticket item with nearly 100% income.

However a complete beginner cannot start selling a training course clearly. Where would you begin?

Well, within our coaching program we show students how you can generate leads with no cost traffic that is more viable approach imo to construct the first 6 figure monthly internet business.

Knowing how you can generate leads with no cost traffic, there isn’t just one niche that you simply can’t get into and earn money with. I simply can’t repeat the same goes with Facebook ads. Some niches perform terribly.

Advantage of Dan Henry course

For those who have a training program that you would like to market and you’re searching to scale with Facebook ads, or else you got another digital product that includes a lot of passion around you and it feel Facebook ads works very well, i then think you’ll gain lots of take advantage of Dan Henry’s course.

Within this review I’ll provide you with an introduction to Dan’s course, my ideas onto it, things i feel is missing? and who will it be for exactly? Also I’ll be evaluating his business design against mine, quite simply compensated traffic prospecting skill versus no cost traffic prospecting.