Jordan Belfort: Straight Line Persuasion Fast Track

May 4, 2018

Jordan Belfort: Straight Line Persuasion Fast Track Download


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The true story of how I quadrupled my income as a boy with a newspaper route. This was my first sales FAILURE. until a grizzled sales pro taught me the sifting secret.
The Dark Side of Persuasion: Why its crucial this information doesnt fall into the wrong hands, and a first-person account of what can go wrong when it does. (If nothing else, you should arm yourself with this knowledge to protect yourself from other people using these persuasion secrets on YOU.)
The 4-second Persuasion Fix: How you can instantly boost the odds in your favor by changing the way you approach the first four seconds of any interaction in person, over the phone or on the web.
The Good Enough Factor: Why improving your persuasion skills by just 2% can make the world your oyster, and what to leverage for the fastest results.
The survival mechanism part of your prospects caveman brain that makes most people want to immediately say no. And my proven opener that instantly switches off the fear response and gets anyone to open-up and welcome you as a trusted adviser.
The single strongest strategy for moving your prospect from maybe to yes. If you learn NOTHING else, this tip alone can dramatically improve your income and success.
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