Tax Reduction Strategy Program by Karla Dennis

September 6, 2018

Tax Reduction Strategy Program by Karla Dennis: Videos, PDFs | Size: 1.6 GB


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Module 1: Turn a Hobby Into A Small Business

This module cracks the secret to the tax code. Once you understand how to take what you love to do and make a business out of it you will then have an endless ability to reduce your tax.

Module 2: Entity Selection

In this module, you will have complete clarity on whether you should be an LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp and/or Partnership. The guessing stops here, This is where you will horn your business entity skills and understand the importance of the right choice and multiple choices.

Module 3: Maximize Business Deductions

In this module, you will understand how to maximize your business deductions. You have everyday expenses that could be business deductions. This module will show you how to maximize your business deductions with out spending more money. This is the master key to tax reduction

Module 4: Income Splitting

This module teaches you how to protect your income, get your family involved and learn the number one secret that the wealthy know that will lower your taxes and reduce your income. Splitting income is how wealth is passed from generation to generation. Use this module to lower your taxes and protect your family too.

Module 5: Income Shifting

In this module, you will learn what the wealthy do. Here is where you learn how to have multiple entities and use them to reduce your taxes. Shift your income, reduce tax and keep more money in your pocket.

Module 6: Tax Credits

This module is the icing on the cake. You have already learned how to reduce your taxes. Now learn how to get the government to pay your tax or refund you some of their money. In this module everyone gets their cake and icing . This is true tax strategy