The Bit Smart Academy Bitcoin Crash Course

May 4, 2018

The Bit Smart Academy Bitcoin Crash Course Download


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1. Welcome To ‘The Bitcoin Crash Course
Getting Started
What is Bitcoin?
How does Bitcoin technology work?
Where did Bitcoin come from?
2. Coinbase & Beyond!
How to setup your Coinbase Account.
How to buy your first Bitcoin.
Two factor authentication
Send and receive Bitcoin.
3. Public vs Private Keys
Public Keys
Private Keys
4. Securing Your Bitcoins
Never leave your money at the exchange.
hot wallet vs cold wallet
How not to lose your coin?
5. The Age of Altcoins
What are alt-coins?
Bitcoin vs Altcoin
Shape Shift Technology
6. Turning Bitcoin Into Benjamins
The 5 investors into Bitcoin.
Whats next?