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The Official Guide to Success CD set
Unless you have goals and dreams, you work for someone who has goals and dreams. Tom Hopkins allows you to start dreaming of the possibilities.”

Orlando Nieves, Jr.

Official Guide to Success
Fast, easy and fun…in just hours this series will redefine your definition of success.

Through proven motivational and inspirational techniques youll learn important steps to create and implement goals that will last your lifetime.

Tom read and analyzed the key success strategies of 45 of the greatest books on self-improvement. Then, he applied them to his own life… working to overcome habits that were holding him back and to develop positive strategies to get ahead.

With Toms personal and practical success formulas, youll satisfy your desires and achieve great things for yourself and your family.

* How to increase your self-image and self-esteem
* How to break the chains of the past
* How to creatively function without the approval of others
* How to untap mental and physical energies

Most importantly, discover what its like to be happy and learn how to stay happy. Become one of lifes winners and take control with a new, positive attitude. Note: This series is highly recommended for young adults.


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