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Build a web app with Django // The #1 Web Development Framework for Python

Python is one of the best programming languages in the planet. Why? For a few reasons:

Its proven & scalable
Its open-source
The Internet of Things and Raspberry Pi
Its leading the change for future technology

Proven & Scalable: Python runs Instagrams backend. It also runs Pinterests, NASA, Mozilla, and countless others. It scales.

Open-Source: Open source technology means **anyone** can change it. Literally anyone. Are you in New Zealand? Yup you can change the code. Are you in Argentina? Yup, go ahead change it. Open-source changes the game for everyone because we can all use it.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Raspberry PI Connected devices are coming in waves. The easiest way to connect to these devices is using the Raspberry Pi and writing code in Python. Python is versatile so it makes controlling real-world objects with Raspberry Pi simple.

Pushing the Bounds of Future Technology Python is leading the charge in artificial intelligence with things like OpenCV, TensorFlow, PyBrain, and many others.

Sooo… Python is cool but why is this called Try Django? Whats Django?


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