Ultimate Black Friday by Ryan Levesque

Name Product: Ultimate Black Friday by Ryan Levesque
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The counter-intuitive method I used to grow a list in the orchid niche from zero to 128,000+ email subscribers
How to use this system for building lists to 1,000, 10,000, and even 100,000 subscribers (and beyond)

The ENTIRE swipe file for a business I grew from nothing to 500,000/year (including 117 pages of email copy you can steal)
A PROVEN back-end strategy that allows you to monetize your list profitably (because just having a list doesnt matter if nobody is buying)
2 Advanced Persuasion Toolkit:
The 7 advanced Psychological tricks I SECRETLY use to 5x response

Advanced persuasion tactics that NOBODY talks about.(David Deutsch, one of the top 5 copywriters today, was so impressed that he took 5 pages of notes when I shared these with him.)
2 common mistakes that accidentally antagonize your prospects (plus, how to earn their trust almost instantly)
The “Tidal Wave of Relief” strategy that soothes peoples fear and compels them to buy
1 phrase you should NEVER use in your marketing (and 3 powerful phrases to use instead)
Subtle ways to naturally build hope and trust so people view you as the expert (and why you should make your prospects head hurt. but only a little bit)
How to use “expert” language that instantly commands respect (and forces people to read your copy)
The “Ultimate Open Loop” that keeps prospects on the edge of their seat (this tactic is “grad school level” marketing)
3 ASK Method + Launches Big Money from Small Lists:
How we generated $962k on a tiny list of 6,300 names

Heres How to Get Instant Access
I understand with this special-price, limited-time opportunity Ill be getting instant access to the following 11 step-by-step marketing trainings:

1. ASK Method + List Building Blueprint
How to build your email list to 1,000, 10,000, and beyond

2. Advanced Persuasion Toolkit
The 7 advanced Psychological tricks I SECRETLY use to 5x response

3. ASK Method + Launches Big Money from Small Lists
How we generated $962k on a tiny list of 6,300 names

4. Million Dollar Scaling Model
How to go from 6 figures to 7 figures step-by-step

5. Hiring and Building Your Team
Systems and teams for a multi-million dollar business

6. Personal Productivity
The 10 daily changes I made that TRIPLED my income

7. Recurring Revenue
How I went from ZERO to $25,000 per month in 18 months

8. Big Ticket Sales Training
How to close sales for high-end products and services

9. Million Dollar Lifestyle Business
How I built a 7 figure consulting business with no employees

10. Book Funnel Formula
The “5B SYSTEM” to massively grow your business

11. Weird Niche Membership Sites
$10k/month membership site step-by-step blueprint


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