Viktor Kalinichenko Boost your business using sales funnel step-by-step guide

November 4, 2017

Product Name: Viktor Kalinichenko Boost your business using sales funnel step-by-step guide
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After this course youll be able to create your own sales funnel from scratch using email marketing to boost your sales
Hi, I would like to ask you one question. Do you want to earn more money? If yes, I bet you have already made a lot of changes in your life to reach this goal. In this case, most likely, you already run your own business or you are thinking about running it now.
As a marketer and entrepreneur with years of experience I can tell you, that the starting point of any business are clients. The more clients you have the more money you earn. Simple and obvious equation. However have you ever thought how your client decided to buy your product or use your service? How long has he hesitated? How many products of your competitors has tried?
I will tell you more. Youll be amazed when you know how many of your potential clients new about your product but did not buy it, or postponed the purchase. About 90%! Just think about it! About 90% of your potential clients, you are losing every single day. Its called a conversion rate.
Imagine if you are losing not 90% of your potential client, but 80%. The difference is just 10%. However, what will happen with your income? It will be doubled! Just by increasing a conversion rate on 10%, you can easily earn two times more money!
So, the main goal of this course is to at least double your income by improving your conversion rate and by attracting new customers. You will know how to build up your communication with your potential clients. How to make them want to buy your product. How to create an outstanding advertising that catch the eye. How to create your unique offer and make your competitors jealous.