The Viral Secret Traffic Videos

December 11, 2016

The Viral Secret Traffic Videos
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This is a traffic video series from Self Improvement Millionaires. I don’t have sales page for it so you will just have to check it out. Seems to be pretty good info.

Here is what is included:

Thank you again for investing in The Viral Secret Traffic Videos. There are over 50 videos here to help you get TONS of targeted traffic to your “Viral Secret” website and any other website that you’d like to send it to!

Do This Get Traffic Video Training Series

* Introduction
* Content Creation
* Web 2.0 Hubs
* Powerpoint and PDF Marketing
* Online Video
* Podcasting
* Article Marketing
* Blogging
* Social Networking Sites
* Social Bookmarking Sites

Traffic Generation And SEO Training Program

* 24 Hour Traffic Plan
* Extreme SEO Training
* Ultimate Article Marketing and Keyword Research Training
* Press Release Marketing and WordPress SEO
* Social Bookmarketing
* Video Marketing Methods
* Online Software Marketing
* Web 2.0 Properties
* Fortune 500 Link Building Strategies

Web Traffic Video Series

* Series Introduction
* The Money Is In The List
* Instant Sales Force
* Time To Socialize
* Video Marketing
* Article Marketing
* Exchange Links
* Blogs, Forums and Google Groups
* Press Releases
* E-zine advertising
* PPC Advertising
* Offline Advertising

Video Traffic Video Series

* Series Introduction
* Free Video Software
* Editing Your Videos
* Branding Your Videos
* Publishing Your Videos
* Adding Links P1
* Adding Links P2
* Free FLV Players
* Analytics
* Watch Videos For Traffic
* You Tube
* embedding Your Videos
* Earn Extra Money
* Tube Mogle
* Traffic Geyser

Article Marketing Traffic Videos

* Series Introduction
* Article Marketing Defined
* Anatomy Of An Article
* Article Example 1
* Article Example 2
* Subject Of An Article
* Title Of An Article
* Body Of An Article
* Bio Box Of An Article
* Articles From PLR Products
* Paying A Ghost Writer
* Using scriptlance
* Submit Articles
* Article Directories

Social Media And PPC Traffic Videos

* Hub Pages
o Series Introduction
o What is hub pages?
o Hubpages terminology
o Setup your account
o Make money from your hubs
o Make a hub
o Create Internal Traffic
o Create External Traffic
o Outside The Box
o Your Hubs And SEO
o Track Your Hub Stats

* Other Social Videos
o Blinklist
o Bravisa
o Broadcaster
o Delicious
o Kaboodle
o Linkedin
o Meetup
o Ning
o Reddit
o Ryze
o Simpy
o Squidoo
o Stumbleupon
o Technorati
o Twitter
o Yahoo Answers
o Yoono
o Fotolog
o Gather
o Multiply


PPC Traffic
o Mindset
o Example
o Keywords
o Account
o Create
o Tweak