Wealthy Speaker 2.0 – Jane Atkinson

December 11, 2016

Wealthy Speaker 2.0 – Jane Atkinson
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The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Softcover Book (Regular Price $25)


The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 is the ONE book that every speaker looking to book more gigs and get paid higher fees MUST have!
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Product Description

The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 helps you navigate through the minefield of costly marketing mistakes made by many speakers trying to build a successful business. Designed for speakers of all experience, you’ll learn how to:

Position yourself in the market as an expert
Develop language that will get you noticed by decision makers
Design a website that is heads above the others
Put together an easy to follow social media strategy
Move your fees up the ladder more quickly by doing the right things consistently
Use The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 to find and train agents, assistants or marketing staff

With over 200 updates since it was first published, Speakers will walk away with the tools to launch, or relaunch, a successful speaking business.