Writing Better Emails: deSchool Your Skills

February 18, 2018

Name Product: Writing Better Emails: deSchool Your Skills
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This is NOT typical “better emailing” course, BUT fresh, tried and tested, next year kinda stuff

You may be thinking: “Come on, its just an email.” And not bother much.

But you may lose opportunities (partnership, promotion, salary raise) because of mindless wording or failure to communicate concisely.

Or even worse, you may sound indifferent, arrogant and neglectful with your readers! Remember, on the other side of the screen is an alive person (doesnt matter a client, an investor or a colleague)! With their hopes and dreams, plans and intentions, problems and fears.

Stop writing bullshitty and boring ‘pleases find attached and ‘kindly be advised, ‘I am writing to … ‘, ASAP, creating even bigger emotional distance between you and your readers.

But there is a better way (I am glad I figured it out:)) on time. Let me show you how to:

craft easy-to-read engaging emails
write in conversational style with the focus on readers needs
word modernly without old-fashioned cliches, apologetic and redundant phrases
develop short messages by using plain expressions
optimize polite language
eliminate approval seeking behavior
use power words to show confidence and commitment
emphasis important ideas and de-emphasizes unimportant ones
and much more!
The crucial factor here is your willingness to take the first step, open your mind to new experience, and become more mindful emailer!

Heres what youre going to learn:

a lot of life-hacks and techniques for effective emailing
practical skills for writing “alive” letters
working tools for simple, but not primitive emails
understanding how the rules of business writing have changed and why ‘kindly be advised and ‘please, find attached dont work anymore
dos&donts of emails that are worth being replied to
tips how to avoid potential confusion and misunderstanding
upgraded ability to effectively communicate with other people.
We will also

outline the golden rule of business writing
discuss 3 key corresponding principles
refine your practical skills
apply ROR for business emailing
come up with suggestions for revising your letters.
The course also includes strategies to

engage and keep your readers attention
save time and money for you and your reader
Please, look carefully at the curriculum and watch the FREE preview videos to find out whether the content is right for you and whether you like my teaching style, as well as the manner of delivery. The course will not suit for those, who are not ready for some alternative view points!